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Carolin Leonard

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I am a wifey, mom of one amazing 11 year old boy, Pediatric Emergency RN of almost 20 years, fitness enthusiast, health nut, entrepreneur and seeker of constant personal growth. It is my hope, that through my experiences, personal research, successes and failures I can help someone else to move forward in their own journey of good health and wellness.

Growing up with a health nut father, who I like to call one of the original hippies, I learned early on the importance of whole and natural foods, limited chemicals and holistic healing. We were shopping at natural food stores back when the floor was dirt and the smell was very earthy – not at all the chic-Lululemon-wearing-shoppers-cool-cause-its-WholeFoods kind of health food experience that it is today. I have a healthy and well-rounded knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine. I believe both hold value and have a place in keeping us well and living a long, healthy & active life. I have always been active and love working out. In my late 20’s, a friend gave me Rachel McLish’s Perfect Parts body building book – and I was hooked! Going to the gym, lifting heavy stuff and watching my shape transform was life changing. Our few years with CrossFit taught me strength of mind and that our bodies can truly do way more than our brains tell us it can. Now, as I get older (rather…age gracefully), I see the huge importance of staying fit simply to grow old well. Of course, it’s awesome to have a tight butt and look good… it is far more important to be active and have lots of energy and stamina. We must look far into the future and know that how we live now will greatly effect how we live as older adults.

I am currently in the process of obtaining my Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification so that I will be able to serve you even better!

We have a vision and a dream of being able to reach out and help others to be their best self – by encouraging you to take small healthy steps that add up to big changes! We are so grateful to be able to, together, share our knowledge and experience with you.


Tom Leonard 

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My life has revolved around fitness since I was just a skinny little kid.  Admittedly I was built for speed and used it to my advantage.  As I got older, the desire for size and symmetry became an obsession and the bodybuilding lifestyle for me was born.  I was hooked and found that the bigger I got, the bigger I wanted to be.  Living by the mantra “Think Big, Eat Big, Train Big, GET BIG” kept me laser focused on my goals.  With this passion for training, my obsession for knowledge was just as fierce and I developed quite the library on bodybuilding, nutrition, supplements, stretching, competition, etc…  People started to see my personal transformation and sought advice and information which led me to becoming a personal trainer. One of my biggest passions is teaching others to help them reach their goals and better understand the how and why of a healthy lifestyle.

With age comes wisdom and our needs change as we grow older.  After 20 plus years in the fitness industry, I have complete confidence in my ability to help you reach your health and fitness goals, ranging from competition to living longer and growing older better.  We hope you will get involved with our community of like minded individuals who seek a better, healthier lifestyle through proper approach to health and fitness.